WINGS Hong Kong is a non-profit (section 88 tax-exempted) charitable organization serving women aged 18 and older in Hong Kong. Soft launched in January 2011 and official inauguration in May, WINGS Hong Kong provides a platform for women to take charge of their independence while remain connected to their family and community.Statistics show that women outlive and thus, outnumber men. Although women are traditionally caregivers, they neglect to take care of themselves. Older women experience more illness and disability than men and tend to have less expertise in managing money. WINGS Hong Kong wants to help these women grow old with dignity and well being, consistent with the concepts of positive and healthy ageing. We offer programs to improve their health, increase their wealth and instill happiness back into their lives.

詠翔(香港)為非牟利組織(第 88 條獲豁免繳稅的慈善機構),致力服務18歲以上的香港女性。詠翔於2011年1月試行並於2011年5月成立,目的是為婦女提供一個平台,鼓勵她們悠然自處,同時能維持與家庭及社區的連繫。 調查顯示,女性較男性長壽,故女性人口也較男性多。傳統上,婦女都扮演關顧者角色,卻往往忽略自己的需要。相對男性,婦女老年病患及殘疾的數字較高,她們對理財的知識亦相對較少。 詠翔致力協助婦女邁向有尊嚴及有福祉的老年,向她們灌輸積極及健康老齡化觀念,通過我們的服務項目,改善健康、增加財富,為人生關注幸福養分。

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