Survey Purpose

MIPCRC has appointed Mansfield Consulting Limited to conduct an online questionnaire survey with the aim to capture the public understanding and attitude towards (1) “mental-capacity” and (2) “3 instruments of peace”.

We hope to promote public awareness of “mental-capacity” related issues, so to facilitate people to better their preparation for healthcare & financial planning, and to protect their beloved family members.      

Survey Method

This was a cross-sectional survey by a 34-item, bilingual, self-rated online questionnaire designed by the expert panel of MIPCRC and Mansfield Consulting Limited during the period of July-September 2020.

A stratified sampling method was adopted: (1) 300 respondents, aged 25-50, were recruited from the public by email; (2) 346 respondents were recruited from NGOs (including caregivers of MIPs and persons aged above 50).

646 completed questionnaires were collected.


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