MIP Care Resources Connect (MIPCRC) is Hong Kong’s first charitable organization focusing on the needs of mentally incapacitated persons (MIP) or persons without decision-making ability. Incorporated in 2018, we aim to provide centralized information and support to both family and professional carers of persons who are mentally incapacitated via a web-based platform.

Mental capacity affects our decision-making ability

Three Instruments of Peace are for…

Mental Capacity – Medical Decisions

Mental capacity issues in different life stages


I suspect my ex is taking advantage of or abusing my child. What could I do to protect my child?



How do I plan ahead on my future medical and financial decisions in case I suddenly become ill or am unable to express myself?

My husband suddenly has a stroke. Can I use his bank savings to support the daily household expenses and his medical expenses?


The bank staff requires my father to prove that he has the mental ability to manage his bank accounts. Which specialty of doctors should I bring him for assessment?

My mother suddenly accuses my sister of stealing her things. I suspect my mother is suffering from dementia and delusion. What should I do?

Central Depository Initiative (CDI)

Online Survey 2021




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