Who can take care of my child with special needs when I grow old?

I suspect my ex-spouse might be exploiting or abusing my child, what should I do?


How do I plan ahead on my future medical and financial decisions in case I suddenly become ill or unable to express myself?

My husband had a stroke -how do I mobilize his savings to pay for medical and household expenses?


My father was questioned by a bank staff as to his capacity to manage his account. Where do I bring him for an assessment ?

My mom has suddenly and wrongly accused my sister of stealing her valuables. I suspect my mom might be suffering from delusion and dementia. What should I do?

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The role of capacity in different life stages

Who can make decision and what can be done for mentally incapacitated persons? For carers for MIPs, doing the right thing at the right time by the right person is key!

Capacity refers to the mental competence of an individual to make a particular decision, and/or undertake certain acts, and/or engage in a particular activity.


<18 years old

Legal guardian, usually the parents, is the decision-maker

Financial plan for children with special needs:

Protection of Children and Children’s Welfare:



Adult with mental capacity make decision for themselves, and own responsibility for the decisions made.

Financial/ Asset decisions:

Medical decisions:



Smart Elderly – Active Ageing

Mentally Incapacitated Person (MIP)
MIP lose the ability to make decisions. Carers can apply:

Welfare/ Medical/ Financial decisions:

Financial/ Asset decisions:

Case Studies

Let’s take a look at some real life examples for MIP Hong Kong.

Medical and Welfare

What should the doctor do when family members have different views? Who can make the decision?

Mr Chan is 84 years old and residing with his elderly. He has three adult children, who are all married and living apart. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was recently hospitalized for fever and acute confusion. The investigation results showed that he suffered multi-organ failure due to septicemia (a severe infection). Mr Chan had not signed any Advance Directives in relation to medical treatment when he was mentally sound. Therefore, the doctor discussed with his family to see if any invasive procedures (including ventilator, blood transfusion, pacemaker, etc.) and cardiopulmonary resuscitation should be performed on Mr. Chan. His family members have different views on this. His wife and one of the children want to try the best to extend his life, while the other two children just hope that their father can pass away without further suffering.

Finance and Legal

How to handle Mr Wong’s business and assets? How to support medical expenses of Mr Wong and the education and living expenses of his family in the future?

Mr Wong is a 55 years old merchant. He is married and has 2 children who are studying in college and high school respectively. He and his wife jointly own a company and 2 landed properties (one is self-occupied) and have a few millions dollars in their joint bank account which requires dual signatures. He is covered by critical illness insurance and medical insurance. Apart from hypertension, Mr Wong did not have any chronic illness. He neither smoke nor drink and was all along leading a healthy lifestyle.

Mr Wong suddenly lost consciousness at home one night. His family called the ambulance and sent him to hospital immediately. Mr Wong was diagnosed with haemorrhagic stroke. He had passed the critical period in the intensive care unit and received 6-week in-patient rehabilitation treatment, however, Mr Wong remained paralysed on his right side and his language ability was grossly damaged. He became dependent in his basic activities of daily living (including toileting, personal hygiene, dressing, eating and transferring).

Mr Wong has not prepared any power of attorney before. Therefore, no one can administer or manage his assets and property.

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