🎊Good news!🎊
18 Nov 2022

🥳💥Congratulations 💥 to MIPCRC for having been granted The 2022 Age-Friendly Hong Kong Award Silver Prize by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service! 🎉

Aiming to provide direct information to carers, the elderly and the general public through various means, we are encouraged to know that the awareness of the elderly on the Three Instruments of Peace has increased. We feel so privileged to be awarded The 2022 Age-Friendly Hong Kong – Silver Award as it is an important recognition of our work efficacy. We shall continue to use our utmost efforts to provide relevant legal, medical and other related information to carers and professionals of mentally-incapacitated persons and the general public, with a view to enhance their awareness and understanding of key issues such as mental capacity and the operation of the Three Instruments of Peace.

🙏🏼Thank you for all your support. 🙏🏼We shall endeavour to work even harder. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

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